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Ernest Medveď foto Ernest Medveď (MedvedErnest32)
Slovakia Banskobystrický kraj
Adrián Uram foto Adrián Uram (AdrianUram)
Slovakia Bratislavský kraj
Agnesa Obšutová foto Agnesa Obšutová (AgnesaObsutova331)
Slovakia Prešovský kraj
Leopold Bosák foto Leopold Bosák (LeopoldBosak6907)
Slovakia Banskobystrický kraj
Ivan Vašíček foto Ivan Vašíček (IvanVasicek5030)
Slovakia Trnavský kraj
Edmund Juhás foto Edmund Juhás (JuhasEdmund5676)
Slovakia Nitriansky kraj
Lenka Holubyová foto Lenka Holubyová (LeHol)
Slovakia Banskobystrický kraj
Branislava Garlattyová foto Branislava Garlattyová (BranislavaGarlattyova)
Slovakia Prešovský kraj
Viola Bagárová foto Viola Bagárová (ViolaBagarova670)
Slovakia Banskobystrický kraj
Michaela Janíková foto Michaela Janíková (MichaelaJanikova)
Slovakia Banskobystrický kraj
Dávid Mitro foto Dávid Mitro (DavidMitro97)
Slovakia Prešovský kraj
Ivana Dobošová foto Ivana Dobošová (IvanaDobosova19)
Slovakia Žilinský kraj
Branislav Kalanin foto Branislav Kalanin (KalaninBranislav8673)
Slovakia Banskobystrický kraj
Alica Figuli foto Alica Figuli (AlicaFiguli750)
Slovakia Bratislavský kraj
Marianna Dubovská foto Marianna Dubovská (MDub2682)
Slovakia Trenčiansky kraj
Agata Gajewska foto Agata Gajewska (GajewskaAgata548)
Poland Mazowieckie
Róża Kaczmarczyk foto Róża Kaczmarczyk (RoKac70)
Poland Wielkopolskie
Nela Bąk foto Nela Bąk (NelaBak3471)
Poland Wielkopolskie
Bence Győző foto Bence Győző (BenceGyozo2410)
Hungary Nyugat-Dunántúl
Péter Hegedüs foto Péter Hegedüs (PeHeg)
Hungary Közép-Dunántúl
Flóra Eszlár foto Flóra Eszlár (FloraEszlar)
Hungary Közép-Magyarország
Nikoletta Gorda foto Nikoletta Gorda (NikolettaGorda48)
Hungary Észak-Alföld

BigOO roadmap

Accepted buddies

It is a great to have number of accepted buddies. They are your best friends on Big:Eyez. Accepted means you share info and location as well as tips and many others.

Banned buddies

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Buddy location

When user has some accepted buddies in his/her Big:Eyez portfolio, he/she can located them in surrounding where they are. Of course each buddy can confirm visibility own actual position.


Each user can create own couple of circles. Circles of interest. Each circle can contain your buddies. For biz-entity is that especially important funcionality, how to call your customers.

Emergency Touch

Each user can create own couple of circles and define one of them as Emergency. It is proper to dedicate for close friend or child or parent, they can use one-click emergency functionality, means send direct quick message to user.

Individual or biz-entity profile

You can register as individual account (private person) or as business entity (company, enterpreneur, group, movement, ...). Depends on this type of account Big:Eyez offers taylored services. If you are person which want to use this social services as individual and private, it recommends create your profile as individual way. On other side, if you want to use as company, club, hobby group or other enterpreneur, then you set up your profile as biz-entity (business entity). For deep using enterpreneur's possibility Big:Eyez offers focused marketing through special keywords (tags). You can assign unlimited number of tags to your profile.

Removed buddies

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What about tags ... you and me have special interests, hobbies, favorite flavours. Why not use tags. It is so easy and searchable too.

Waited buddies

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This is something more about chimpy ...